Ox’ Cleaner

Ox Cleaner

Ox’ Cleaner is specifically formulated to remove food and beverage stains such as coffee, tea, wine and soft drinks on fabrics and clothing, Ox’Cleaner is equally effective at eliminating other difficult stains including blood, urine, vomit, water marks and yellowing. It can be applied directly to a stain or as a final application when a stubborn stain persists after first trying Stain Away.

Type: Oxidising stain remover for textiles

Cleaning power: High

Suitable for: Fabric upholstery, carpets and rugs

Ox' Cleaner is not available for individual sale, it is only available in the SOS Textile Stain Removal Kit


  • Stain removal


  • Low odour
  • Highly affective on difficult stains
  • Will also remove water marks and yellowing

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Care Kits

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