Mattress Protectors

The secret to giving any fabric a long life is to keep it clean, but you can't use just any cleaner on fixed fabrics like upholstery and carpets. All Textile Master fabric care products are designed specifically for fixed fabrics, they are easy rinse, non-fading and easy to use.

All Textile Master products have been developed at the Uniters Research Centre. Uniters guarantees that all its products and services conform to the strictest standards of quality, reliability, performance and safety. View ISO & OHSAS certifications.

Textile Cleaner

General cleaner suitable for most fabrics from Uniters

Upholstery Cleaner

General cleaner suitable for most fabrics from Mohawk

Cabin Cleaner

Multipurpose cleaner suitable for fabric, vinyl, hard surfaces from Uniters

Stain Away

Water based stain remover from Uniters

Resistant Stain Cleaner

Highly concentrated stain remover from Uniters

Stain Remover S

Water rinseable solvent based stain remover from Uniters

Ox' Clean

Oxidising stain remover from Uniters

Zip Kleen

Solvent based spot cleaner from Mohawk

Ink Remover

Ink removal spot cleaner from Mohawk

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