GreenGard Fabric Care Kit or Textile Master Fabric Protection with a Multimaster 5 Year Product Warranty

Are you thinking about buying new furniture? Would you like five years additional peace of mind? If so, you should consider one of our fabric care products with warranty.

What are your choices?

We offer three fabric care solutions with a product warranty:

Please note: product availability varies between stores, please ask your furniture retailer for more information about the specific Multimaster fabric care solutions they offer.

What is Fabric Protection?

Nothing can provide 100% protection, but treated furnishings have a protective layer which prevents spills from easily soaking into the fabric. Without protection, your furniture may be vulnerable to stains. Spills on untreated natural fibres easily penetrate deep into the fabric causing stains that are often permanent or very difficult to remove.

Our Fabric Protection is applied before your furniture is delivered, so your furniture will arrive protected and ready to use. The fabric protection coats every fibre of the fabric creating a durable barrier that protects your furniture from stains, but doesn’t affect the look, feel or smell of your furniture.

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What is a GreenGard Care Kit?

Not all fabrics require protection. Some synthetic fabrics are inherently resistant to staining and some fabrics are treated with fabric protection during the manufacturing process. GreenGard Care Kits provide quality care for these types of textile products. GreenGard Care Kits are designed to meet your routine cleaning needs, and to help you deal with any accidents that may occur.

Not only do GreenGard products protect your furniture, they also protect the environment. GreenGard products are environmentally preferred products endorsed by Uniters Spa, and ISO 14001 environmentally certified manufacturer. They are: water based, phosphate free, silicone free, biodegradable, free of hazardous air pollutants, made from raw materials of plant origin, and made from raw materials commonly used in cosmetics. What's more, the packaging is made from recycled paper, the sponges are soy based and the bottles are recyclable.

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What is the Stains Only Product Warranty?

Nothing provides 100% protection, but are so confident in the quality of our protection product that we are happy to supply it with a product warranty. The warranty protects your furniture's fabric upholstery from accidental stains that occur while you furniture is being used for its intended purpose, as shown below.

  • All accidental food and beverage spills.
  • Human and pet bodily fluids.

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What is the Ultimate Product Warranty?

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we are happy to provide a warranty with all our GreenGard Care Kits. The warranty reflects our confidence in our products ability to keep your furniture clean and stain free. In addition, we have extended the warranty to cover specific incidents of damage.

What does the Ultimate Product Warranty cover?

If you take good care of your furniture it should last a long time. But accidents happen. Our warranty is designed to give you greater peace of mind by providing you with protection against some of those accidents. The warranty protects your furniture's fabric upholstery from accidental stains or damage that occur while you furniture is being used for its intended purpose, as shown below.

Accidental stains caused by water, oil and alcohol based substances, including:

  • All food and beverages
  • Human and pet bodily fluids
  • Common household substances including: cosmetics, glue, grease and tar, soaps and shampoos, ink, and wax.

Please note: the warranty does not cover stains caused by products that are not water, oil or alcohol based, including, but not limited to nail polish, superglue, and permanent markers.

Accidental damage including:

  • Scuffs, scratches, punctures and rips
  • Cigarette burns
  • Pet scratches

Please note: claims for damage caused by pets are limited to one claim and Multimaster’s liability is limited to repairing a single panel of the furniture. Pet damage where the damage extends through the furniture`s upholstery are not covered under the warranty.

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