Timber floors are incredibly popular in Australia. They add lasting value to a home, they don't hold onto allergens and dust mites and spills can be easily wiped up.

Still, home decor is not complete without adding rugs, bringing back the many disadvantages of carpet along with the cost of professional cleaning or replacing rugs. Many rugs claim they are washable only to unravel, lose shape or tax your washing machine.

RUGGABLE 2-Piece Rug System is the decorative flooring solution of the future. The technology makes it possible for small and large area rugs to be washed as easily and frequently as bedding, leaving your entire living space looking, smelling and feeling clean.

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Cling Effect™ Technology

Ruggable uses patented Cling Effect™ technology to keep the cover attached to the rug pad. The underside of the cover grips to the top surface of the rug pad (similar to hook-and-loop fasteners).

You can hold a Ruggable upside down and shake it and the cover will not come off. You have to manually pull it off when it's time to wash it. The strength of the Cling Effect™ does not wear off over time. Even after several washings, the cover will grip to the rug pad just like it did the first time.

The nonslip rug pad acts as a solid foundation for the cover. It has a nonslip backing and provides cushion & thickness (3mm thick).


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