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Are you a furniture manufacturer or retailer? Would you like to streamline your warranty management system, while still providing superior service to your customers? Multimaster now offers a pay-as-you-go claim management service to furniture retailers and manufacturers. We have over a decade's experience servicing warranties, during that time we have developed a close relationship with a national network of over 300 furniture cleaning and repair technicians in both Australia and New Zealand. With the introduction of Brains, our new interactive, cloud-based warranty management system, we have been able to further streamline our claim management process and to provide access to real-time information for all users. So, you can be assured that we will exceed not only your expectations, but also those of your customer’s.

What is Multimaster Service?

Multimaster Service is a pay-as-you go warranty and claim management service that enables you to provide superior services to your customers. All activity is managed via Brains, our cloud-based warranty and claim management system. This allows us to provide real-time access to our clients through our Dealer and Manufacturer Portal. The Portal is a doorway which allows you to register customers and job requests, and to view notes, service technician inspection reports and attachments – photographs etc – all in real time. The portal also allows you to add your own notes – questions and comments –and attachments to the body of each claim.

Benefits of a Partnership with Multimaster

Benefits of the Brains Claim Management System

How does Multimaster Guarantee Quality Service?

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