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We provide technical product training for both leather and timber

Leather Training

Includes theory and practical elements covering:

Timber Training

Includes theory and practical elements covering:


Training is provided free with the purchase of a leather or timber repair kit. This kit provides attendees with the products that they need to get started. The kits must be purchase prior to the course and can be collected on the day. We do not have fixed training kits, the contents of the kit are adjusted for each training session to assure that attendees are given a selection of products that is relevant to the training that they receive, and includes any newly released products that may be of benefit. The exact contents and cost of the kits will be provided before you need to make any payments. The typical cost each kit is $400 for each two-day course (these kits are offered at a special price for those attending our course, the full retail value of the kit would typically be around $800 -$900).


We run four 2-day training sessions each year (two leather sessions and two timber sessions). Please sign up for our newsletter or check this website for news on upcoming training sessions. If you wish to book a place in an upcoming session, please contact us.

If you are a retailer who would like to discuss training for your staff, please contact us.

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